Volunteers helping at the 2015 Arden Park Youth Triathlon

Many (and we mean many) volunteers are needed to ensure that the event is safe and allows participants to complete the event without outside help.

You can volunteer for more than one position (Before the Event (e.g. assemble goodie bag, packet pick up, distribute notices, etc.), During the Event (e.g. help in transition, mark course, scoring, etc.), or After the Event (e.g. take down signs, course markings, transition area, etc.).

We are seeking volunteers for the 2022 Arden Park Youth Triathlon.

Please use our online volunteer form to submit your contact information and we’ll contact you with details. Questions or concerns should be directed to aptrivolunteers@gmail.com.

Community Service Hours

Students seeking community service hours are welcomed. Our Volunteer Coordinator will work with you to to track and sign off on hours.