Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do you recommend we arrive?

A. Check-in begins at 7:15 a.m. and the race starts at 9:00 a.m. Please allow enough time to arrive on site, find a spot in the transition area, head over to check-in and body marking, and then back to transition to affix bibs, double check gear, etc. NOTE: Participants NOT checked in by 8:45 a.m. will be scratched from the event.

Q: When will my child be starting?

A. The #1 most-asked question! In short, it depends. Generally speaking, the younger your child is, the earlier they will start. Visit the Estimated Start Times page for an approximation of start times by age group.

Q: When can I expect a race to be over?

A. We expect things to wrap up before noon, but it could be sooner depending on how many athletes we have.

Q: Are you still looking for volunteers? How can I help?

A. OF COURSE. This race takes close to 150 volunteers to run smoothly. Please email or text DJ Waldow – 650.400.8061 … he will be in touch ASAP with a spot for you!

Q: Can I check in on race morning and leave and come back?

A. We understand that some age groups will have a later start time, but we strongly encourage everyone to stay on site at Arden Park after checking in. We will also be offering a Fun Zone for participants and spectators to visit during the race to keep them entertained.

Q: Where should I park?

Please visit the Race Day Info page for important times and parking information. We recommend walking or biking to the event if possible (we’ll have bike parking available). Vehicle parking is available on all streets within Arden Park.

Q: What are the most commonly asked questions and answers about the swim?

  • Wear any swimsuit you have that is comfortable. There is no need to purchase a new competitive swim suit. Just use what your athlete feels comfortable with for all three events.
  • Swim goggles and caps are optional. Each athlete will be given a swim cap, however, at check-in.
  • Each athlete will have their own swim lane in 2023. Lane lines will be used.
  • Swimmers will START in the water (no diving).
  • Any stroke is acceptable.
  • Swimmers may touch the wall or use a flip turn.
  • Timing chips will record start times based on the wave start time. That is, please don’t be late to get in the water
  • Lap counters will place a kick board into the water indicating that swimmer is finished and can exit the water. That is, see a kick board, you’re done. However, swimmers should do their best to count each lap on their own (that’s part of the challenge)
  • Only parent/child participants may be in the pool or pool area during competition
  • Swimmers must exit the pool on their own

Q: Can I help my child in the transition area?

A: Parents are not allowed in the transition area after 8:45 a.m. and should encourage their children to organize their space on their own. Only participants 6 and under may have a single parent to assist in the transition area during the race. Participants are still required to rack their bike themselves after the bike leg. In the Parent/Child division the participating parent may assist as needed. The “Transition” is often referred to as the “Fourth Event” in a triathlon.  Many finishes are determined on how fast an athlete can transition form one leg to the next.  Practicing at home prior to the event will allow your child to become familiar with these transitions.  We will have volunteers stationed inside the transition area to assist when needed.

Q: What are quick laces?

A. One triathlon tradition is to swap out regular shoelaces with elastic “no tie” laces which allow for a faster transition. You can purchases these at Fleet Feet Sacramento or online using the keywords “elastic no-tie shoelaces” or brand names such as “Lock Laces,” “AKTIVX SPORTS LACES,” and “Yankz.”

Q:You recommended using a race belt, where can I get one?

A. Another triathlon standard is the use of a race belt. You attach your run bib to this belt and clip it around your waist. This removes the need to attach the bib to your shirt with safety pins and allows for a faster transition as well. These can also be purchased at Fleet Feet Sacramento or online.

Q: Are participants allowed to wear headphones?

A: For safety reasons, No.