Here are a few comments we have received about the event. We’d love to hear from you, please email us your comments to 

We just wanted to tell you that today’s triathlon was a wonderfully coordinated event! Every detail was perfect and so well planned out…the kids had a great time. Our daughter, Madi, and her friends (13/14 girls) had so much fun and were so proud of themselves. Thank you for spending so much time coordinating this. We really appreciate it.


Michael and Marisa Alcalay

Just want to tell you what a fantastic job you and your crew did organizing this event! We are definitely up for it next year! My son, Nathan Chapman was very proud to take home a FIRST PLACE in Boys 11-12 Division!

Well done!

Thank you again,

Kim Butler

Thanks Don for organizing this event, great job! It meant a lot to my son and our family. Jason asked if they were going to have one every Sunday, he really enjoyed it. The volunteers did a wonderful job, and things ran very smooth.

Thanks again,

David Keltgen

I just wanted to say thank you for what was an incredible event. My son has always wanted to do something like this, and he loved it!!! It was amazingly well organized, and such a good time. I sincerely hope you and your committee are able to make this an annual event, we will be repeat participants for sure, and volunteers next year as well. Also, could you please thank Coach Justin for encouraging my son, who he doesn’t know, to finish his swim. What a nice guy!!

Thanks again,

Mandy Williams, mom to Jack Williams

Great job organizing the event Don! Ella, and I’m sure all the other kids too, had a great time! Thanks for providing the opportunity for Ella to experience her first triathlon! Loved seeing your kids compete! They are a chip off the “old” block! Trent.

It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of today’s event. I definitely give everything a thumbs up. Well organized and well run. That combination makes it easier for me todo my job. You can count me in. When you have the 2013 date, let me know.

Thank you and Congratulations. I hope you are decompressing this evening.

Steve Buzzard

Thank you for spearheading such a fun, safe event for our community. It was a fantastic time. I imagine many children will be asking their parents the same question Kaser asked us…..when can I do my next tri? How wonderful.

Thanks again for all your efforts and the efforts of your team of volunteers.

Niyati and John Winn

What great feedback Don! It was so exciting to be part of such an amazing first event. Our kids had a blast and are still walking on air.

Thanks again for all your hard work and fabulous leadership.



Congrats on an awesome race! I think all the kids had a blast. Now get some sleep!

Thanks for organizing the Triathlon Don. You did a great job and managed to find great helpers. Its events like this that can make a big difference in our children’s lives, and I just wanted to thank you for not giving up and making it happen.


Hats off to you for putting together such a fabulous kids triathlon today! The kids loved it and it came together so well and it would not have turned out that way if it were not for you and your amazing crew! It also helps that you have a few Ironman races under your belt too, so you know how things should run :)!!!

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for making the triathlon possible. It is something I really wanted the kids to do but with my schedule it was not something they were likely to get the chance to do as I didn’t know enough about triathlons nor do I seem to be able to find the time to look into things I am interested in. Thank you for doing all the work and making it so easy and fun. I really, really, really appreciate all you and your family did to make this possible.

Much, much gratitude,


Eileen Booth (mom of Hannah and Sebastian)

Brady and Cooper (and Brook and I) really had a great time! You did a FANTASTIC job organizing the entire event! Thank you so much, we are looking forward to next year.



Hey guys what a great event. It ran so smoothly and I know the athletes had so much fun doing it. Thank you for all your time and dedication in putting on a great event. Thanks again and the kids are excited about next years triathlon.

Nicholas Richards

Thank you very much for organizing a great event. My son definitely enjoyed his first triathlon!

What a wonderful first event, very well organized. Bravo!

Thank you, Don for pulling off such a great event. Both of our girls had a great time. Emma and Claire tried their hardest and felt really good about their accomplishment. Now they know they can do it! A little struggle and experience with completion is good for everyone and I think it is wonderful that our kids have had the opportunity to experience something like this at such an early age. The decorations were great and Darrel and I thought it was really neat that each child was able to run though the tape at the finish! Thank you, again, for initiating such a smooth event.

Paula Lawrence

From the smiles on all the kids faces, it seemed to me that the #1 objective of the event was resoundingly achieved and that was the kids looked like they were having FUN!

Again, great job you two on a great event!


Thank you so much for all the hard work you put in to creating and making the triathlon an amazing reality. My girls have never been exposed to anything like it and they both had a great time. I absolutely thought that everything was perfect, length of swim, bike and running courses. The whole thing was executed perfectly. I love the event being during swim team (as opposed to after swim team when families are trying to fit in a little summer). Steve Buzzard was the perfect person to host.

Thanks again,

The Chalmers Clan

What a wonderful event for kids! It was very well organized and staffed. Our 5-yr old son had a lot of fun, and is already asking if he can do this again sometime.

Mary Jimenez

Thank you so much for putting on such a great race for the kids! We really enjoyed it!

So fun to see our kids doing something we all enjoyed.

Kerrie, Trent, and Ella

Great event Zach had a blast!

Great Job!

Trevor Chambers

I want to commend you on a fabulous inaugural event today. Our kids had a great first triathlon experience and are already asking about doing another.

Thank you very much for organizing a great event. My son definitely enjoyed his first triathlon!

I was very impressed with the tri yesterday. Everything went smoothly and more importantly all the kids had a great time! You should be commended for all your hard work. Thank you for a wonderful event and we are looking forward to it next year.

Thank You,

Marie Wecker